What makes Adidas different?



Nowadays, sport plays one of the significant roles in human life across the globe. There are those who participate actively in their preferred sports and there are those that spectators or supporters. Either way, sports has become of the most entertaining art that has created immense employment for young and old alike. The most interesting aspect of sports is laying a solid foundation for businesses to thrive. When it comes to the sport-shoe world, there are many larger shoemaking and distributing corporations, and one of them is Adidas.


Over the years, Adidas is been the considered the king of sports shoes making and distribution. However, it has once faced stiff
competition from some of its well-known rivals, Nike, for instance. At some point, the multinational enterprise was at the verge of collapsing as it was underperforming its top rivals. Nonetheless, through successful strategic business planning, it navigated through the tabulation and emerged a top brand in the sports industry. So, what makes Adidas different from other brands? Here below are a few revelations of their brand success as claimed by their president, Mr. Mark King.


#1. Embracing the aspect of originality


The distinguishing brand of Adidas has been contributed significantly to one of their key levers-the element of originality. Mark King, the president of Adidas, said that they have managed to increase their sales way above 60 percent for ‘originals.’ Indeed, one of the
things that made this multi-billion corporation to stand tall above the rest is the fact that they never attempt to mimic brands from their rivals. They understood that players, as well as their fans, want their products, shoes, in particular, to be unique.


#2. Cultivated and extended partnership


King further explained that their brand success has been due to lots of hype. This has been achieved through ongoing cultivated and
extended partnership with world-renowned athletes. The endorsement and participation of sports athletics and celebrities is not an element that attracts brand’s followers but also has helped maintain customer’s loyalty on products unveiled by Adidas. Besides that, using brand ambassadors like rapper Kanye West in advertising has created brand awareness among Adidas consumers as well as a success in designing new apparel fabrics, on-trend silhouettes, and innovative technology.


#3. High visibility in the sports world


For obvious reasons, if consumers are not seeing your brand in the market (or sports world to be precise), they cannot respond to it anyway. Despite the fact that some consumers can trickle through inbound routes such as organic searches, one of the ways that made Adidas’s brand different from others is why they build their visibility and reputation from the scratch. They promote their messaging through diversified strategies, but it seems that one that worked well is sponsoring sports. For instance, over the years, the corporation has been sponsoring Olimpic Games as well as supporting some of the world’s best teams and athletes, which have helped them position successfully their brand in the market. In fact, through this visibility campaign, the company has been given several awards of winning public relations and advertising in support of the FIFA World Cup.




There’re many factors that made Adidas different from other competitors in the sports world, but those three appear to be the
company’s thriving point behind its success. However, a few other attributes make Adidas a better company. It includes consistencies in product offering, a high degree of brand sincerity, boldness in the market, and offering products of value.



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